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I go by the name Tahmnong and I’m nothing more than a girl who gets pleasure out of translating things, especially songs, and just wants to have a place to organize them, as well as share them with other fans.

I’ve studied Mandarin Chinese for about 3 years now, so I’m not really fluent, but I’m decent. The only problem is I graduated from my university already, so I no longer am taking daily Chinese classes to keep up my skill with the language. I live in America and primarily use English and Thai with my friends and Japanese at work, so I don’t get a lot of opportunities to use my Chinese at least for now, so this blog is mainly to help me remember all I learned, retain my hanzi knowledge, and expand my vocabulary.

And spread love of Chinese music to those who can’t understand it. 😛

I’m sure there are bound to be many mistakes in my translations; like I said, I wouldn’t consider myself fluent. So if there’s anything glaringly wrong you spot, feel free to correct me, it’ll help me learn and give everyone else a more accurate interpretation of the song.

Also feel free to use my translations for things like subbing or translating into a third language or anything like that, though all I ask is that you credit me/this blog, link back, or leave a comment letting me know you’re using it. Please don’t try to take my work as your own. While the lyrics themselves are obviously credit to the original composers and artists, it isn’t easy to translate them into a completely different language and keep the same emotion and style that exists in the Chinese lyrics, so please be respectful of my work and my willingness to share. Thank you~ 🙂

I don’t really feel confident enough in my Chinese ability to take requests, at least for now. But maybe some day that will change.

However, if you need to contact me for any other reason, you can drop me an email at Tahmnong[AT]gmail[DOT]com ~ 🙂
If you’re interested, here’s my other blogs of song lyric translations:
Thai: http://deungdutjai.wordpress.com/
Japanese: http://tonmaiplastic.wordpress.com

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